We are Soil Scientist

Soil Science is the study and interpretation of physical, chemical and biological properties of soil

Physical properties are:
  • Soil Color
  • Soil Texture
  • Soil Structure
  • Soil Consistency
  • Soil Particle density, bulk density and pore space
  • Soil Hydraulic properties
Chemical properties are:
  • Soil clay mineral contents - types & quantities
  • Soil reaction or pH.
  • Soil solution composition
  • Soil exchangable cations - types & quatities
  • Soil organic matter contents
  • Soil fertility
Biological properties of Soil are related and determined by Soil organic matter:
  • Soil organic matter is a carbon supply for many microbes

  • Soil organic matter reduces erosion

  • Soil organic matter is the source of 90 -95
    percent of nitrogen in unfertilized soils

  • Soil organic matter is the major source of
    available phosphorus and available sulfur when
    soil humus is available

  • Soil organic matter directs soil reaction or pH.

  • Soil organic matter acts as chelate and mobilize iron, zinc, copper, and manganese in soil

We use the data from our studies and perform these tasks:
  • We study soil fertility indices and make recommendations accordingly

  • We study hydraulic properties of soil and provide guidelines for best water management

  • We study hydraulic properties of soil and recommend drainage systems accordingly

  • We study indices of salinity and sodicity and
    make recommendations for best use and management of the land

  • We study climatic conditions, soil properties and availability of water and recommend the most suitable plants for landscaping or production purposes
  • We analyze, select and certify sand for sand
    based soccer fields, baseball fields and softball fields

  • We study and design fumigation projects

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