2002- Present     Mariposa Horticultural Enterprise Inc.
                            Irwindale, CA

Project Manager, Consultant, Estimator
  • Estimation of large landscaping, irrigation, erosion control and re vegetation projects
  • Attending pre bid meetings with government
    agencies for better estimation of public works
  • Continuous daily contacts with variety of
    contractors in order to select the best sub contractors for participation in public works and
    large commercial site development projects
  • Daily managing of materials,labors, equipments
    and sub contractors data bases in order to
    maximize the ability of Timberline, the estimating software for estimation of landscaping and irrigation and site development projects

2001 - 2002     American Landscaping Companies, Inc
                        Canoga Park, CA

Senior Estimator
  • Estimated large landscaping, irrigation and site development projects using the American Landscaping Companies Inc. in-house software
  • Continuously contacted a variety of contractors in order to select the best sub contractors for participation in public works and large commercial site development projects
  • Contacted a variety of certifying agencies and contractors for invitation of MBE, WBE, VBE and DBE certified sub contactors for public works contracts
  • Estimated over - structure landscaping projects
    using scientific techniques in weight calculations resulting in best possible winning bid prices
  • Estimated and submitted bids on Storm water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
  • Participated in weekly meetings and gave recommendations regarding application of technical methods for best economical use for soil management and water consumption
  • Trained the companies estimating team for conversion and valuation of units of measurement

2000 - 2001     Gothic Landscaping Inc
                        Las Vegas, NV

Irrigation Consultant and Senior Estimator
  • Performed professional irrigation designs for landscaping projects over steep slopes and
    sandy, saline soils and soils with " caliche "
  • Revised and corrected existing irrigation designs
    for better and more efficient irrigation practices for residential and commercial projects
  • Estimated million dollar or larger landscaping, irrigation and site development projects
  • Applied Microsoft Word and Excel in hydraulic calculations and cost estimation for irrigation and landscaping projects
  • Used the professional estimation software, Timberline for estimation of irrigation and landscaping construction and maintenance

1992 - Present     EST Associates Inc
                             Riverside, CA

Technical Director and Consultant
  • Performed landscape design work including site analysis and planting design of large-scale
    government projects.
  • Supervised freeway planting and irrigation projects including horticultural projects along several major freeways.
  • Performed soil, plant and water management to achieve successful horticultural objectives.
  • Prepared sketches and plans for landscape architectural projects and selected appropriate plant materials for effective landscape design objectives.
  • Analyzed soil and water qualities to evaluate
    landscape design effectiveness and alternatives.
  • Prepared various environmental reports, which documented research data, environmental issues
    and research conclusions.
  • Negotiated with City and State engineers and architects and made presentations regarding
    project progress, budget and quality.
  • Projects included the following:

1.    Several Locations within the 91, 405, 57, 55 and 22       freeways-California Department of Transportation       (Caltrans) Projects
2.    Freeway 91 and Artesia Blvd Off ramp-City of Cerritos       Project
3.    Harbour Blvd. Median -County of Los Angeles Project
4.    Wetlands/Eastern Municipal Water District facility.
5.    Coachella Valley water district satellite office,
      Palm Desert, California

1991-1992     Spectro Analytical Instruments
                        Fitchburg, MA

Application and sale Manager
  • Promoted the use and sale of ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometry) units within thirteen western states
  • Conducted Quality Assurance (Q/A), Quality Control (Q/C) regarding the data produced by ICP Spectrometers
  • Trained chemists and laboratory personnel on
    sample preparation, handling and ICP operating procedures

Other Professional Activities:

Landscaping and irrigation consultant:

  • Excellent knowledge of hydraulic calculations
  • Excellent knowledge of soil-water-plant relationship and its application for best management of landscaping maintenance projects
  • Working knowledge of AUTOCAD and DESIGNCAD in landscaping and irrigation designs

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