EcoConsulting has been the home for highly educated and qualified scientist consultants and engineers since 1997 in:

  •   Soil Science

  •  Agronomy

  • Horticulture and Ornamental plants

  • Irrigation, Water Management and Conservation

  • Landscaping and Site Development

  • Environmental Protection and Improvements

EcoConsulting was formed in 1997 with the objectives to assist public works engineers, architects, landscape architects, general and landscaping contractors, nursery operators,… and home owners to learn about the extensive value of agricultural soil, and recognize the importance of  soil-plant-water relationship to be able to  treat and utilize soil, plants , and water properly and efficiently and free of contaminations.

Since  then EcoConsulting has been supported by scientist consultants and managed by:

Dariush Bakhtar Ph.D., Soil science

Degree of engineering , Soil and Water

 Technical director
Maliheh Bakhtar Ph.D. Higher Education

Msc., Mass Communication

BSc., Business Administration

Education advisor
Bahar Bakhtar BSc., Civil/Environmental Engineering Environmental advisor

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